Disney and Avatar Announce Global “Keep Our Oceans Amazing” Campaign Ahead of 20th Century Studios’ Groundbreaking Film Avatar: The Way of Water.

Fans in the Philippines are Invited to Take Part in Virtual Pandoran Ocean Digital Activation Online
and at Manila Ocean Park, to Support The Nature Conservancy

– In celebration of the release of 20th Century Studios’ Avatar: The Way of
Water, the groundbreaking film opening December 14, 2022, Disney and Avatar are launching a global
“Keep Our Oceans Amazing” campaign to raise awareness of the challenges facing oceans and marine
life. The campaign will support the non-profit, The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) work to protect 10 of our
oceans’ amazing animals and their habitats, connected to the beauty of Pandora. As part of the
the campaign, fans are invited to participate in celebratory online activities and products including the Virtual
Pandoran Ocean, which showcases the wonders of the reef and will be hosted at Manila Ocean Park
from December 15, 2022 to January 31, 2023 at the Oceanarium.

Through this unique digital activation, fans in the Philippines can help Disney and Avatar “Keep Our
Oceans Amazing” by going to https://avatar.com/keepouroceansamazing/ph to create their very own
Avatar-inspired ocean creature. For every creature created in the Virtual Pandoran Ocean now through
December 31, 2022, Disney US will give $5 to The Nature Conservancy US, up to USD 1 million, to help
the organization achieve its goal of protecting 10% of the ocean by 2030.

“The entire planet depends on the health of our ocean to support and sustain it. The ocean regulates
climate, provides livelihoods for billions of people, and is home to more than half of all life on earth,” said
Melissa Garvey, Global Director of Ocean Protection at The Nature Conservancy. “We need to do our
part to protect it. That’s why we are thrilled to collaborate with Disney and Avatar on this campaign. Our
mission is driven by working together with those who believe we can shape a brighter future where
people and nature can thrive together. The film’s important message complements our work, and we look
forward to working together to protect the 10 species highlighted in this campaign and creating a healthier
ocean for all.”

In Avatar: The Way of Water, fans will be introduced to a new oceanic Na’vi clan and an array of diverse
aquatic creatures, inspiring audiences to connect with the beauty of our oceans right here on Earth.
Oceans cover 70% of the planet, shelter an incredible diversity of life, and provide us with food, jobs and
more than half of the oxygen we breathe. Unfortunately, less than 8% of this unique ecosystem is
protected. “Keep Our Oceans Amazing” aims to extend Disney’s longstanding conservation legacy to help
protect 10 amazing ocean animals and their habitats.

This new initiative will support The Nature Conservancy to protect beluga whales, blue whales, whale
sharks, hawksbill sea turtles, manatees, manta rays, parrotfish, staghorn coral, sea lions, and mangroves
– coastal habitats that provide important shelter for many marine species. The ocean species that have
been selected can be found in waters throughout the world and many of them share qualities with the
Pandoran creatures and habitats are featured throughout the film. Each animal and plant species is also
classified as threatened, vulnerable or endangered. The Nature Conservancy is working alongside
indigenous peoples and local communities to develop multi-faceted solutions to the challenges these
species face across the globe, to ensure that both people and wildlife thrive.

Disney has a long history of taking action for oceans and supporting the protection of marine life – from
our 2030 environmental goals that include efforts to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, source
sustainable seafood, and invest in the protection of our watersheds, to our funding and expertise for
biodiversity protection through Disney Conservation. To date, the Disney Conservation Fund has directed
more than $120 million to support nonprofit organizations working around the world to save wildlife,
inspire action and protect the planet. Nearly $20 million of those funds have been provided to programs
that benefit marine life, communities, and the oceans we all depend on. This initiative is part of Disney
Planet Possible, tangible actions Disney is taking to help create a healthier home for people and wildlife.
“Disney has a rich legacy of conservation and inspiring action to protect nature. We’re proud to celebrate
the release of Avatar: The Way of Water by raising global awareness of the critical importance of
protecting oceans and marine biodiversity,” said Jennifer Cohen, executive vice president, Corporate
Social Responsibility for The Walt Disney Company.”

“The Avatar ethos is that we are all connected to each other and our planet, and therefore are responsible
for positively impacting the people and world around us,” shared Avatar: The Way of Water producer Jon
Landau. “The Keep Our Oceans Amazing campaign is a way for us to invite fans from around the world to
join us in creating that impact.”

Global audiences were first introduced to the world of Pandora in the original Avatar and fell in love with
the characters, the story and the beautiful rainforests and creatures, which led to it becoming the highestgrossing film of all time. As we journey into Avatar: The Way of Water, audiences will be transported to an
all-new biome – the reef – and will be introduced to a new oceanic clan and an array of diverse aquatic
creatures. This expanding universe underlines just how intentionally Pandora has been designed to be a
metaphor for Earth. Audiences will experience the beauty of the sea and the richness of biodiversity in
Pandora’s oceans.

Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, Avatar: The Way of Water begins to tell the story
of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their kids), the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep
each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive and the tragedies they endure. The film will have aweinspiring scenes that showcase the vibrant bioluminescence and beauty of Pandora’s aquatic landscape.
These scenes will inspire us all to consider the wonders of our own oceanic world.
Learn more at avatar.com/keepouroceansamazing/phhttps://youtu.be/F6-gmubgjzQ

About Avatar: The Way of Water

Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, “Avatar: The Way of Water” begins to tell the
story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their kids), the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to
keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive and the tragedies they endure.
“Avatar: The Way of Water” is directed by James Cameron, produced by James Cameron and Jon
Landau, with David Valdes and Richard Baneham serving as executive producers. The film stars Sam
Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Cliff Curtis, Joel David Moore, CCH
Pounder, Edie Falco, Jemaine Clement, Giovanni Ribisi and Kate Winslet. The film is scheduled for
release on December 16, 2022.

About 20th Century Studios

20th Century Studios is an Academy Award®-winning producer of feature films for both theatrical and
streaming release. It is home to such iconic franchises as “Avatar,” “Alien,” “Planet of the Apes,”
“Predator,” “Die Hard,” and “Kingsman” and creator of hit films including “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “The
Greatest Showman,” “The Martian,” and “Ford v Ferrari” and “Free Guy.” It also launched the successful
“Deadpool” and “X-Men” film series, Oscar®-winner “West Side Story,” and 2022’s “Prey.” Upcoming
releases include the “Avatar” sequel “Avatar: The Way of the Water.” Previously known as 20th Century
Fox prior to becoming a part of The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Studios is recognized for its
incredible 80-year legacy. It is the studio that brought the world the first six “Star Wars” films, in addition to
standouts from across the decades, including “Miracle on 34th Street,” “All About Eve,” “The King and I,”
“The Sound of Music,” “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” “The Princess Bride,” “The Abyss,”
“Edward Scissorhands,” “Home Alone,” “My Cousin Vinny,” “Speed,” “Cast Away,” “Moulin Rouge!,”
“Minority Report,” “Gone Girl,” and “The Revenant.”
About The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is a global conservation organization dedicated to conserving the lands and
waters on which all life depends. Guided by science, we create innovative, on-the-ground solutions to our
world’s toughest challenges so that nature and people can thrive together. We are conserving lands,
waters and oceans at an unprecedented scale, providing food and water sustainably and helping make
cities more sustainable. The Nature Conservancy supports the goal of protecting 30% of the planet’s
ocean, lands and freshwater over the next decade. To contribute to that goal, TNC intends to conserve
more than 10% of the world’s ocean area by 2030. Working in 76 countries and territories: 37 by direct
conservation impact and 39 through partners, we use a collaborative approach that engages local
communities, governments, the private sector, and other partners. To learn more, visit http://www.nature.org or
follow @nature_press on Twitter

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JINRO soju dominating the world


Soju can never be left out when talking about Korea. It has been a popular local spirit that has comforted people’s hearts for many years. There are so many alcoholic drinks around the world, how did Soju dominate the Korean market share?


The dominating brand of soju in Korea is HiteJinro, which was founded in 1924 and has been running for 98 years. Soju itself makes up 97% of the alcohol sales in South Korea and half of the spirits sold in South Korea is produced by non-other than JINRO. The Korea alcoholic brand JINRO soju has reach its unrivaled becoming the World Best-Selling Spirit for 20 consecutive years. How is this even possible?


To make soju it requires a lot of farmlands which means a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Traditional soju is traditionally made from rice and wheat which goes through a distilment process that gives its high alcoholic content. There was a time when the government banned the use of rice to brew alcohol yet replacing it with the diluted soju. Before the ban was lifted, Korea started using sweet potatoes to brew alcohol, which opened way to the most popular soju brands like JINRO soju.

It was said that an average South Korean aged over 20 drinks 87 bottles of soju a year, 1.5 bottles per week. In the beginning, the alcohol content of soju was over 30% and it’s widely seen drink only for the strongest man. With the growth popularity of soju, it has shown a trend towards lower alcohol content that has become a cleaner and easier refreshing alcohol beverage to drink. Due to the decrease of alcohol content and reasonable price, it is just the perfect go-to-drink loved by South Koreans.


There’s a saying that when someone chooses a brand of soju, they stick to the same brand. How so?

Once a person tries a new brand of soju and it kicks in pretty smoothly, they tend to choose the same brand every time because of the familiarity of taste. Whether is it a special occasion with loved ones or even during some alone time when all you want to do is snuck in your bed and watch your favorite K-Drama. It just never feels the same.

Personally, it was because of the exposure of Hallyu that opened my eyes to the wonderful real original refreshing JINRO soju. I believe I am not the only one who feels this way as it aims to provide the most authentic Korean soju drinking experience to everyone.


So, who’s the top No.1 soju brand?

The soju brand that’s stands out the most is the one and only Real Original Soju – JINRO soju. You’ve probably known this by now, JINRO soju has sold around 95.4 million cases in 2021 and it has been increasing ever since. JINRO soju has recorded five years of consecutive growth and is nearly 30 million cases ahead of its nearest competitor. This just shows the astonishing result for JINRO’s soju growth in sales. In comparison, other soju brand like Chum Churum struggled to maintain its sales which is down by 4.4% to 19 million cases, resulting them to drop out of the top 10 world’s biggest selling spirits lists. You can also check out this article for more information.


So, how do you distinguish the most authentic JINRO soju with other brands?

Easy! Find the cute toad, JINRO’s mascot on the upper left of the JINRO soju bottle. JINRO soju is the only brand that has a mascot, and the toad of the colors varies from the different flavors of JINRO soju. JINRO comes with variety of flavor: JINRO Strawberry soju, JINRO Grapefruit Soju, JINRO Plum soju, JINRO Green Grape soju and the newest addition JINRO Peach soju.

How can you miss it? Make sure to always spot for the JINRO toad for a real soju experience.


Being said that, the popularity of JINRO soju is not only dominating the Korean market share anymore but dominating worldwide. Due to the influence of K-Food and K-Entertainment around the world, it’s no doubt that JINRO soju is making their way into the global circle. You can check out these short films from Jinro Philippines and Jinro Japan to get the heartwarming feel of JINRO soju. JINRO soju gives you the real experience of connecting and sharing where you cannot miss out.

If you haven’t tried it out, check out this link to find out more about JINRO’s products.

“For more information about JINRO products, check it out at https://hitejinroph.com/ “

#ChryzhFoodies indulged in the hype for Bebang HaloHalo 24Karat Gold Royal Halo Halo

All time Filipino favorite dessert, presenting Bebang HaloHalo. Finally, I was able to try and join the hype, this isn’t my first to eat food with gold but I must say that their 24 Karat Gold Royal Halo Halo is so worthy for me.

What would be the crowd-favorite Filipino dessert? Well, your guess is as good as mine: Halo-halo. Halo-halo has become a staple in our country. It is a desert for all weather and occasion. You can find it easily in your neighborhood and in every restaurant. What if I told you that the halo you love could be at its best? Of course, it is possible!

Bebang’s Halo-Halo is not just your typical halo-halo, it has finely shaved milky ice, loaded with layers from, pandan jelly, strawberry, peach blueberry, mango, sago, ube halaya, special macapuno, pistachio, cashew, yummy mallow fluff, Leche flan, which is uniquely on the bottom and of course their 24-Karat Gold. Every scoop, gives me heavenly texture and taste I love the goodness of premium ingredients.

They have a special ingredient that would make you feel you are at the top of the world: GOLD LEAF!

You do not have to visit countries just to experience fine dining and feel exquisite when Bebang Halohalo can give you that without going abroad. Feel luxurious without spending lavishly on this halo-halo. Head over to Bebang to taste their halo-halo, where traditional and modern exquisite meets not only the Filipino taste buds but world-class standards.

Sharing other variants that I’ve tried as well, which were all deliciously good.

🍨 Halo-halo Special ₱138

-frozen milk, leche flan, pandan jelly, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, ube halaya, and rice crispies

🍨 Halukay Ube Halo Halo ₱158

-ube flavored frozen milk-leche flan, pandan jelly, ube halaya, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, langka, special macapuno, and rice crispies

🍨 Banana Cinnamon Con Yelo ₱158

-frozen milk, leche flan, vanilla jelly, sago, banana, caramel syrup, and rice crispies

🍨 Mango Graham ₱158

– frozen milk, leche flan, pandan jelly, caramel syrup, fresh mango, and crushed graham

🍨 Halo-halo Presidential ₱168

– frozen milk, leche flan, pandan jelly, ube halaya, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, langka, special macapuno, and rice crispies

Their Royal Halo-Halo offer is for first come first served basis limiting to only 20 daily and they also offer wide varieties of Taho, Hotdog and fries.

Catch them now:

Bebang HaloHalo

Wack-Wack Royal Mansion, 574 Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City ( Daily-10 AM -7 PM)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BebangHaloHalo/

IG: @BebangHaloHalo

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Philippine Craft Beer Festival – The Biggest Local Craft Beer Celebration 

Philippine Craft Beer Community is showcasing over 30 local craft beer breweries with over 100 different beer styles from June 10 to June 12 at the Greenfield District Mayflower Parking in Mandaluyong.

In celebration of National Independence Day, Philippine Craft Beer Community is hosting a three-day event that highlights the flavor and diversity of local craft beer. Being the only event in the Philippines that consistently brings craft beer enthusiasts from across the region together since 2018, this event proves that Filipino beer is truly world-class and worth celebrating. With artisanal beer culture slowly gaining traction in terms of popularity in the Philippines, the Philippine Craft Beer Community hopes to bring in both patrons and newcomers alike. 

Guests attending this event would surely have different drinking experiences, not only that they will be able to try as many beers as they want, they can personally have a chat with the respective brewmasters. All guests would bring home a Souvenir Pilsner Glass with the MNL BEERFEST Label when they avail of just 1 drink by the entrance! That’s a steal itself.

And for those guests who will come prepared for a night of drinking can try signature Craft Beers around the Country with a “passport”.

One of the crowd favorites is BOONDOCKS BREWING COMPANY, founded in 2016 as a passion project. Boondocks started with a 250-liter brewhouse but by August 2018, the operations had grown to a 3500-liter brewhouse. In 2021, Boondocks Brewing won a Bronze Award for its Strong Ale and a Chairman’s Selection for its Summer Ale at the 2021 Asia Beer Championship.

CRAZY CARABAO BREWING CO. will be all out for this June 10-12 weekend to let you love Craft Beer, Golden Ale is a light, refreshing, and cleansing ale brewed with the perfect balance of Pale Malt and Australian Hops. Their modern brewery is capable of producing 2,000 liters of quality craft beer in any given production cycle.

Craft Beer enthusiasts will surely find ENGKANTO BREWERY says that not everyone has to like every one of their beers, as they bottle what tastes good to them. And by which the fellow Filipinos taste better quality beer, they’ll buy better quality beer. Engkanto makes a different beer in order to make a bigger difference.

Other local craft beer breweries at the craft beer festivals are

El Deposito Brewery, Cerveza Sagada Craft Brewery, Santa Maria Montalban Brewery, The Perfect Pint, Santiago Brewery & Malthouse, Beer Bunny, Manila Mashers Homebrew Club, The Marc’s & Tony Brewing Co., Mitchell’s Backyard Brewery, Flat Foot Brewing Co., Nipa Brew, Katipunan Craft Ales/PCK, Drink it Now Pare!, Crows Craft Brewing & Distilling Co., Paco Brew & Baler Brewing Company (Brujo), Calle Brewery, Madbul Cerveza Artesena, Gypsy Brewing Guild, Weekend Craft Ales, Elias Wicked Ales & Spirits, Manila Mashers Homebrew Club and a lot more.

This is our comeback festival event since the pandemic and we are very excited to showcase NEW brewers in the line up”, says MNL Beerfest Event Director, Cherry Genato

Craft Beer Association of the Philippines, President Jun Flores states that the brewers consistently collaborate among each other even during the pandemic time and to gather them once again is being watched by the Craft Beer Enthusiasts all over the country. 

Craft beers are known to be more flavorful and relatively healthier than conventional types. Whether possessing fruity notes, special spices or a bold flavor of ale, Philippine craft beers are known for their relatively wide range of distinctive tastes and characters. This event is perfect for both the cultured lager enthusiast or the neophyte that’s still trying to tell the difference between the smooth 5.2% ABV crisp and flavorful ale from an 8.5% ABV Malty Body Strong Stout.


Apart from the local craft beers, there are food trucks around that serve scrumptious food. Such as: The Soulfood Truck PH, Danmuji, Qahwa  Drive Café, Tako Dou & Subarashii,  Starrs Famous Milkshakes, Pares Kapitolyo, Kape Imperial, Chevy Burger,  Kombi Brew, Sbarro, 

Julio Guacamole, Tuhog Republik, Potato Corner, Jollymac. 

An exciting new twist to the usual dining experience. Bikers from all over the metro love hanging out here, alongside families from nearby condos and employees from nearby offices.


Crazy Carabao

Boondocks Brewing Company

Engkanto Brewery

For More details of the Philippine Craft Beer Festival visit :





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Grab and Pabudol with AllHome Ultimate Summer Blowout!

Rewarding  yourself is very important for each and everyone’s hard work. Especially for us ladies since it’s International Women’s month this March.

 Have you already made plans for the summer? Some of us may have plans to travel as the quarantine restrictions have felt like they have missed seeing the wonders of nature or even staying at home would deem fit for them.  We all savor our lingering moment working at home as we are gradually transitioning once more to go back to our offices. For almost two years, most of us have lived in the corner of our houses, seeing the same scenario.

Going back to what we used to be, we could spark a beginning for us all. Some business establishments have started to reopen as consumers are now going out of their way to shop and offices are now operating to their normal phase. Most of us are excited about this change as we prepare ourselves outside the comfort of our homes and embrace the new hope that all of us have been waiting for.

Why not start the change at home? We are all oblivious when will be the perfect opportunity to renovate our homes as we will soon be occupied now that we will spend our time commuting on public transportation or in our own vehicles to our destination.

There’s no different higher season to begin constructing your dream domestic than summertime season! Start constructing your property this summer time season and get in the long run implausible low expenses on high-quality creation object brands .

How about level up your sound system and automate your entire home. We can celebrate with family and friends, now that we have a lighter pandemic alert level in no way earlier than this summertime season , just ensure to do it with precautions.   AllHome can offer low-cost karaoke mic that can tune your voices for that ultimate bonding experience! Or listen to relaxing or rock songs whatever you prefer with state-of-the-art headphones, earphones, and gadgets for your sounds suitable for your needs. 

That is why AllHome have this AllHome Ultimate Summer Blowout until March 15!  You need to visit the store before items get sold out and they offer it an affordable low price. 

In need of DIY domestic protection substances for the summer? At Allhome they have massive blowouts of our quality and favored brands. 

Sharing some of the catchy sale and budol finds!

Do you have anything to repair or fixins on your room or toilet shower essentials, kitchen or  any part of your home? Allhome got you covered

For the Additional information about  AllHome:

It is all about home improvement stores launched by the Villar Group of Companies. As a builder’s haven, AllHome guarantees a wide range of products and services, value for money, convenience, and excellent customer service.Our locations are one-stop shops for professional builders and do-it-yourself enthusiasts alike, ranging from big-box venues to smaller mall-based shops. Because AllHome believes in maximum engagement with our customers, locations have in-house building experts available for one-on-one consultations, plus knowledgeable and accommodating staff ready to address your in-store needs.

The AllHome mission is simple: because shopping for home building requires a high level of involvement, we aim to make the entire experience easier, hassle-free, and enjoyable.

Terms and Conditions apply. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit no. FTEB 136515 Series of 2022.

You may refer to their branches in this link: https://www.allhome.com.ph/store-locator

#AllHome #OneStopShopForYourHome #AllHereAtAllHome #AllHomeSale

You may check out them at the following:


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SubwayPH for Double Cheese Chicken & Double Cheese Steak by #ChryzhFoodies

🥪Something cheesy, something healthy! The great thing is that they have this newest and limited-time offer of cheesy goodness only at Subway®. Yes to double cheesiness and for us to satisfy our craving aside from, its healthy goodness!

It’s perfect for the WFH setup since most of the time we tend to skip meals and hello to late lunch due to continuous and overlapping meetings and as a snack during migration night activities.
Got mine as a meal that comes with:

🥪 Double Cheese Chicken or Double Cheese Steak
-Double Chocolate Chip
-Chocolate Chip Cookies
🥤22 oz soft drink
Grab them while you can till April 12, 2022, as low as P155.

📌You can order Subway Philippines thru GrabFood FoodPanda foodpanda, you may also opt for a pick-up at stores near you or chat them at their messenger to order (https://www.facebook.com/subwayphilippines/)

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Reaching our for a Real Estate in Rizal

An Escape from Metro

Is there anyone thinking of staying in a place that has one of the countries best landscapes and scenic views, while you sipping some brewed coffee or eat out with fine dining or lowkey minimalist yet worthy visit restaurants, how about visiting some museum for art enthusiasts? How about splurge in a relaxing spa,  resorts, swimming pools, wherein you can enjoy stunning nature views at the same time? Yes, we all want to! 

Discover RIzal

If these finds you interesting, this is none other than located in the Province of Rizal, it comprises 13 municipalities (Angono, Antipolo, Binangonan, Cainta, Cardona, Jalajala, Morong, Pililla, Rodriguez, San Mateo, Tanay, Taytay, Teresa) with Antipolo as the capital of Rizal. Rizal is approximately 16 kilometers east of greater Manila. Not to mention that this place is also well known for the churches and has proved agricultural developments and opportunities through massive rice productions, rice cakes, and cashew nuts.l

My Gastronomic find and worthy Interiors in Rizal

Sharing my food discovery here in Cainta Riza

Real Estate investment

For me, it is the best time to invest and I recommend real estate, why because the value is appreciating, and having an output to your hard-earned money is very rewarding. The earlier the better to take time of the lower and more affordable prices, having perks of the flexible term payments that you may choose from.

Lots for Lumina

This residential lot is located in Lumina Baras, Latigo Drive Brgy. Concepcion Baras, Rizal wherein they have a lovely house and lot for sale, it’s more of a commercial, residential and agricultural city. Taking into consideration to have an area that also have amazing amenities and you can try setting-up a home gym that makes our families dwelling extra fun, and enjoyable, wherein it’s going to provide you with greater convenience for the whole circle of relatives as well. See more details below,

Anna Rowhouse

Lumina Homes’ Anna Model is a 24 square meter home on a regular 36 square meter lot. Its features include a living area, dining & kitchen, 1 bedroom provision, 1 toilet & bath, and service area . Price ranges from: Php 583,000 – Php 1,144,000

Angelique Duplex

Lumina Homes’ Angelique Duplex Model is a 35 square meter home on a regular 54 square meter lot. Its features include a living area, dining & kitchen, 2 bedroom provision, 1 toilet & bath, 1 carport provision, and service area. Price Range Php 1,540,000

Angeli Single Firewall

Lumina Homes’ Angeli Single Firewall Model is a 42 square meter home on a regular 54 square meter lot. Its features include a living area, dining & kitchen, 3 bedroom provision, 1 toilet & bath, 1 carport provision, and service area. This is also offered in Townhouse and Duplex house type. Price Range Php 1,704,000

Athena Single Firewall

Athena Single Firewall is a 53 sqm. unit on a regular 63 sqm. lot cut. It comes complete with 1 Living Area, 1 Dining & Kitchen, 1 Toilet & Bath, 3 Bedrooms, Family Area, Service Area and Parking Space. This is also offered in Duplex house type. Price Range Php 2,000,000


About Lumina Homes

To answer the government’s call – and the country’s need – for economic and socialized housing, the Lumina line of mass housing communities was created. Started in August 2012, Lumina envisions itself as becoming one of the top-listed housing developers in the country. In just 9 years, Lumina already has over 51 developments in key locations across the country: Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan, Zambales, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Pangasinan, La Union, Cagayan, Isabela, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Quezon, Camarines Norte, Albay, Sorsogon, Iloilo, Capiz, Cebu, Negros Occidental, Agusan del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, Bukidnon, Misamis Occidental, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, and South Cotabato.

Lumina homes are built of high-quality materials and cost from Php 500,000 to Php 1,700,000. If qualified by Pag-IBIG Fund as a “low-income earner,” a buyer can pay for as little as Php 1,898 a month at 3% interest for a brand new home in a safe and secure Lumina community.

Sparing no expense, Lumina developments are part of  masterplanned communities that come complete with amenities like a community hall, basketball court, mini gardens and playground, and commercial areas in the near future. By building in accessible locations close to major thoroughfares, transport hubs, schools, hospitals, and business and leisure centers, Lumina not just builds a self-sustaining community, it also provides every Juan the pride of homeownership.

Kababayans here and abroad can avail themselves of a Lumina house and lot through different online reservation methods that would make it easier for them to own their safe place—a home that is their own, whether in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao.

With an emphasis on safety and efficiency, Lumina Homes now proudly offers an online reservation system, an online appointment portal, an online payment portal, 360-degree house model virtual tours, an interactive site development map, a Lumina e-Services app for mobile and desktop devices, and many other features that will tap every Filipino here and abroad.

Lumina Homes, which continues to grow by expanding its offer of affordable houses and lots throughout the country, also launched its first-ever condominium brand Prima, a high-quality but affordable condominium for every Juan.

In addition to being part of mixed-use master-planned developments in prime locations, Prima is a condominium community that will provide future residents with convenient access to essential establishments such as lifestyle and business centers, hospitals, schools, and other educational facilities—all while advocating for the significant societal impact of vertical housing in urban planning. Prima is now available in Tanza, Cavite and now offers affordable condo units for sale!

You may check out their website for more details




map-markerHead Office: 3rd Level, Starmall Alabang, South Super Highway, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines, 1770

phone(02) 3226 3552

smartphone(0917) 629 6523(0999) 229 2558

emailSales Inquiry:onlinereservation@luminahomes.com.ph

Sales Recruitment:salerecruitment@luminahomes.com.ph

Admin Concern:adminsupport@luminahomes.com.ph

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Liang Crispy Roll is now in the Philippines!

🥙Hey there! Sharing you my latest food discovery and they’re finally opening its flagship store store this 𝐉𝐮𝐥𝐲 𝟏𝟕, 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏. Say no more for Liang Crispy Roll, its so flavorful, mouth-watering, definitely worth trying, generously loaded, guaranteed fresh ingredients were used. You’ll also enjoy its world class batter with flaky crispy texture, more of like a hybrid of paratha, roti and pancake once cooked. Perfect for its savory signature fillings based on your own cravings and preference!

Sharing some of their mouth watering rolls!

🥙Choose from 6 amazing flavors, my personal choice are Angus Beef Steak and Cheese Melt.
*Angus Beef Steak-P145
*Cheese Melt-P125
*Pork BBQ-P145
*Grilled Chicken-P125
*Chunky Tuna-P125
*Veggie Delite-P95

🥙 It comes in 2 sauces:
Garlic sauce
Red sauce

🥤They have refreshments too!
Chilled Tea

Check out their Menu below!


🥙 Thanks to Fredley Group of Companies who decided to give Filipinos a taste of this world-famous savory pancake by adding Liang Crispy Roll to its impressive roster of over 200 brands, including crowd-favorites such as Macao Imperial Tea and New York Fries & Dips. 

📢 Promo alert!

*Get 1 YEAR SUPPLY of Liang Crispy Roll this Saturday July 17, ’21 for their grand opening at SM Aura Premier

Promo Mechanics:

  1. One Year supply of Liang Crispy Roll for the first 30 customers in line.
  2. This promo is NOT VALID in conjunction with any other promos and discounts, senior citizen and PWD discount.
  3. 1 Year supply is redeemable at Liang Crispy Roll – SM Aura branch only.
  4. Customer can only claim once per day.

*BUY ONE GET ONE on Liang Crispy Roll #LetTheGoodTimesRoll

Promo Mechanics:

  1. BOGO on all rolls (customer must pay for the higher priced roll).
  2. A maximum of 2 bundles per customer is allowed per transaction.
  3. Promo will run whole day same day
  4. This promo is NOT VALID in conjunction with any other promos and discounts, senior citizen and PWD discount.
  5. Available at Liang Crispy Roll- SM Aura only.

Make sure to follow their social media accounts for more updates:

Liang Crispy Rolls on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LiangCrispyRollPH) and Instagram (@liangcrispyrollph)

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Yes to looking young skin with Soo-Young Skincare Products

Yes to looking young with organic ingredients. Its vital to have properly maintained skin as well as effective skin care regimen. So glad that I’ve discovered SOO-YOUNG, formulated from the prominent country Korea that has expertise and one of the most advanced when it comes to global skincare industry. They’re manufactured by Mcdell Healthcare Products, Inc, your Window to the World’s Beauty Secrets.

You may check out their products below:
🌸 Soo-Young Intense Whitening Lotion with Korean Whitening Technology (50ml) at ₱70, it has Niacinamide, an organic compound and a form of vitamin B₃
🌸Soo-Young Intense Whitening & Anti-Aging Soap for Women (60gms) at ₱98
-Good thing that it has anti-aging benefits without dryness and irritation. It has hyaluronic acid for extra moisture and contains 10 powerful ingredients For brighter skin.
-They also have the following variants depending on your category, all priced at at ₱98 each.
🌸 Soo-Young Intense Whitening & Anti-Aging Soap for Men (60gms)
🌸 Soo-Young Intense Whitening & Anti-Aging Soap for Young Women (60gms)

🌸 Next Generation Kojic Acid Soap (90gms x 3) ₱100
-Aside from Kojic Acid, it also Calipro Skin MW, that moisturizes and also protect skin, this is advisable for 18years and older

🌸 Intense Whitening Toner with Korean Whitening Technology (100ml)₱54
-Toner is important that it removes dirt, make-up residues and excess oil, good thing that it water-based and non sticky cleanser.

So try them now and see the difference!

Check them out at the ff:

FB: fb/SooYoungSkinCarePH

Store: https://edl-store.com

Website http://www.soo-young.ph/

#sooyoungskincare #sooyoungimagemodel #Sooyoung

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Hosaku International Buffet

📍Let me take you to a place that you’ll definitely enjoy. How about having Yakiniku, Hotpot, Sukiyaki and International buffet, all set in one place. Hooray for this new restaurant alert that could take you and satisfy your Japanese buffet cravings and if you’re have that big appetite.

📍PROMO ALERT! For their opening day on Feb 14,2021, avail FREE (First 50 customers) and 50% off (51st customers onwards)

Promo Mechanics:

  1. First 50 customers can eat for FREE, succeeding customers (51st customer onwards) can enjoy 50% off per pax.
  2. Customers must like Hosaku International Buffet on Facebook and/or follow @hosakuph on Instagram.
  3. Promo will run on February 14, 2021 only.
  4. NOT VALID in conjunction with any other promotions, offers, and discounts.
  5. Available at Hosaku International Buffet – SM North Towers only.

Here’s what to check!
📍The Japanese inspired ambiance and interior will make you feel like you’re dining to a hotel, the couches are comfortable enough to enjoy your food on the table. Their utensils were all personalized from spoons, forks, knives, bowls, plates to glasses with Trademark of HOSAKU.

📍In addition to, this place gives you an innovative experience of having shabu-shabu using a long conveyor belt, or rotating sushi inspired, but since we’re practicing safety protocols, youll have this soon.

📍It has all the food and ingredients that you can add to your Hotpot or Sukiyaki experience. They serve different soup base and have unlimited quality meat (pork, chicken and beef), seafood (shrimp), noodle, vegetables including cabbage, pechay, radish, zucchini and corn, assorted hotpot balls and mushrooms (enoki -my fave!).
📍They also serve sashimi and sushi, which undoubtedly fresh as you can se einthe pics.

📍 Another edge of this restaurant is that they serve desserts as well, from cheesecakes that I can say specially made and perfect to clean your palate and creamy ice cream which includes cookies and cream, mango and avocado to satisfy whatever your sweet tooth desires.

📍Their unlimited serving of Iced tea, softdrinks and BEER is perfect while enjoying your meal.
📍BTW, they have 100% good customer service.
📍Just a fact that its a Homegrown brand from Fredley group of community

✅ Check them out
⛩️Hosaku International Buffet
🏬 SM North Towers, Quezon City
Thanks @alwayshungryph for sharing the invite. ☺️
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Krafted Scents and Krafty Nest Launch at CCL Cafe by #Chryzhpontaneous

Its such a great idea to come up with something that will eases your mood, relaxes your senses and at the same time will keep you safe and clean. Its a great experience that I was invited, along with fellow bloggers during the launch of KRAFTY SCENTS & KRAFTY NEST for their first-ever collection of candles, hand soap, alcohol and reed diffuser and dried flower arrangement. I was enthusiastic to try all their scents which includes the Midnight, Deja Vu, Love is Alive, Freeze, Illusion and Sunday Morning and I must say that I love all the scents and so excited to try it all.

They also have dried flower arrangement, specially made by their crafter. The designs were artfully made with perfect combination of flowers, considering the color, form and its texture. Also its more practical to give since its long lasting as compared to fresh flowers. I have an aesthetic appreciation for these kind of style and creativity

I highly recommend #kraftedscents and #KraftyNestph perfect for personal use or as a gift to your family or loved ones specially this Valentine season.

Congrats to Nikko Baluyot-CEO and to Vernie for making this event well organized and with safety protocols and social distancing.

This event was held last 30th of Jan, 2021 at CCL Cafe with sumptuous food, a highly recommended to dine as well. We were served the following Lasagna, Cheesy Beef Quesadilla, Soup loaded with Salmon and their house blend Ice tea.

#KraftedScents #KraftyNestph #KraftedScentsxKraftyNest

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Authentic and gastronomic experience at Paradise Dynasty by Chryzhpontaneous.

📍It was a craving-satisfying experience for me as always and a tummy-filled gastronomic experience here at Paradise Dynasty Philippines . Indulge in the authentic taste and flavors of Northern and Southern China.

Fatlay by @chrizelleliciouschryzh for #chryzhfoodies

📍They were top notch for their best seller Xiao Long bao, the original, and 8 signature distinct flavors including the ff:

  • 1. Original 🌟
  • 2. Ginseng
  • 3. Foie Gras
  • 4. Black Truffle
  • 5. Cheesy 🌟
  • 6. Crab Roe🌟
  • 7. Garlic
  • 8. Szechuan
Xiao Long Bao

📍Aside from their best seller they also have mouth-watering dishes to try.

📍The place has a great ambiance and interior as well, you’ll feel relaxed while eating. What also amused me, is that aside from the great food and intricately designed interior.

📍Their staffs were accommodating and provides good service. So for me, the overall experience is perfect 10/10.

📍It pays good to reward yourselves with gastronomic dishes after each and everyone’s daily task at work so, you should also visit and experience quality and great food.

📍Visit Paradise Dynasty


SM Aura Premier 84783333

Happy to bake my carousel cake at #Bakebe by @Chryzhpontaneous #Chryzhfoodies

🎂Had so much fun during the grand opening at Bakebe . I love it, when I made my cutie pink carousel 🎠 cake. It pays off to see my creation. You too can enjoy this with your friends, family, loved ones, or alone too.

🎂 You can bake your own cake even without a background in baking. They have an app that has a vast variety of cakes and cupcake designs to choose from, try now for as low as P999!

🎂 Their package includes everything, from ingredients, tools, and ovens, all you have to do is be a chef of your own. 🥰✨💓

🎂Some of the cakes are as follows:

👑 My Queen

🦄 Unicorn’s Childhood

🐝 Honey Bee Bee

👷🏻‍♂️ Mind Construction

✨ Light Me Up

🍪 Monster Cake

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Something #SweetButHealthy with Sweet Best Natural Sweeteners by ChryzhFoodies

As a foodie lifestyle and wellness blogger, I normally loves to explore foods that are worth trying, will satisfy my cravings and I’m also a sweet tooth by heart. However, we should take note the importance and take into consideration our own wellness and health. Wellness has been the buzzword with inside the beyond years, particularly due to the fact that lots of us have found out the cost of fitness and the way it cascades to many unique regions of our lives. Having a healthful frame and a legitimate thoughts facilitates us to deal with many demanding situations that come our manner. While this could sound like a lesson we’ve found out in kindergarten, lots of us overlook to place value in the way we approach our bodies, including me. 

 However, due to the pandemic, I even have emerge as increasingly aware of the manner I live. For starters, I even have began out on my well-being adventure this yr to emerge as healthier via a few bodily sports and additionally reducing down on useless junk that I feed my body. 

That is why i’m therefore happy to have discovered Sweet Best natural sweeteners. I didn’t notice however cutting back on sugar can create a big difference within the approach I feel. once I come upon articles that name eliminating sugar in my life, i buy a bit unhappy as a result of i’m roughly able to hand over on my cakes and cookies. very little did i do know that there are product like Sweet Best which will facilitate me bring home the bacon a #SweetbutHealthy life. Take this delectable simple formula I created this weekend with Sweet Best

    • 200g crushed graham
    • 4 Tbsp Sweet Best Stevia-Erythritol
    • ¾ cup Alaska All Purpose Cream Sprinkles
    • 1. In a large bowl, combine crushed graham, stevia – erythritol, and all-purpose cream.
    • 2. Using a fork or a spatula, mix together until well blended and form a dough.
    • 3. Use food safety gloves or clean hands when making a ball.
    • 4. Coat each graham ball in sprinkles, roll to coat evenly.
    • 5. Serve graham balls, chilled or at room temperature

That looks awesome, right? you’ll be able to also combine these graham balls with occasional sweetened with Sweet Best Stevia sticks (Php P169). If you’re trying to shift your lifestyle and live sugar-free, verify Sweet Best Stevia-Erythritol (Php P169) and other merchandise today.   Sweet Best products are all plant-based sugar alternatives. they’re sugar-free, low-carb, vegan, FDA-registered, and licensed organic, too!   Sweet Best Stevia-Erythritol doesn’t contain maltodextrin or grape sugar (like another brands). It’s a hidden sugar that may cause endocrine spikes! Yikes! Don’t make up the lure of obtaining artificial sweeteners that might ruin your system worse than sugar. seek Sweet Best natural sweeteners instead. 

And while you are still at this, join me and many others at bit.ly/sblowcarbgroup while we push for a healthier lifestyle and cheer each other for our weekly wins. Plus, you’ll get loads of recipes that will support this lifestyle, too! Hope to see you there!

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Japanese food craving satisfied at Hanako!

Tempura lover like me? Great news, they offer TEMPURA at Hanako. It’s a Japanese, dining restaurant that will make you satisfy your cravings! for that sumptuous, gastronomic experience. Their promo is available at any Hanako branch near you.

They also have wide variety of delicious Japanese food that you can enjoy or splurge with their party platters that you can share with your family and friends. Sharing the food offerings including but not limited to the following, maki, sushi, sashimi, katsu, donburi, teppanyaki, etc.

I love the vibe of the place too, that I matched with my Japanese anime-inspired top and bun on my hair to pair up with my Japanese food experience. I also found out that the word “Hanako” is a commonly used Japanese name, which means ‘flower girl’.

Check their stores or their account at https://www.facebook.com/HanakoPH/


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Getting to know Michael’s Hut by Michael Oyco

📌It’s great to interact with co-blogger nowadays since you will be able to share your ideas, your interests, and insights on the blogging world. Let me introduce you to my subscribers, my friends and to everyone Mr. Michael Oyco. He is a lifestyle and travel blogger, aside from blogging he’s also hooked into some other stuff such as cryptocurrencies, a crypto game or commonly called NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) games. I’m sure a lot of you guys are familiar with these NFT games, which may include the following but not limited to Axie, Dragonary etc. 

📌He started his personal online book way back  2013, his travels inspires him to write even more and as we speak becomes a certified lifestyle and travel blogger as well, he is also open into doing food venture, which may be interesting since I also info food blogging since we all know that food is life and eating makes most people happy.

📌As per Michael Oyco of the guy behind the blog Michael’s Hut that he is “just a simple guy who wants his spare time to be more productive. Sharing some of his recent popular posts that you may check in his blog site: 

📌You may want to check and follow his Bucket Lists to check if it fits yours as well. This may serve as an inspiration to follow your own bucket lists too, refer below to some of accomplished ones:

* Ride a 90 degree down roller-coasterX-2 ride from Six-Flags, California

* Ride a plane – Done

* Ride a plane alone to another countryAn unforgettable moment, Los Angeles

* Ride a plane for a business trip – Done (Vegas and New York)

* Ride a motorcycle – Done 

* Ride a long cable carHong Kong 2013

* Bungee Jump (or even reverse)Boracay 2016

* Rappel – in one of a church camp or school field trip

* Zip Line – at Loreland resort, Antipolo

* Own a business – Galacscape computer shop, a thesis/4th year college project

* Go to any part of United States – visit relatives from time to time (LA to Vegas trip)

* Go to New York – A Business trip, IX Photo Plus Expo

* Go to Las Vegas, NevadaIX WPPI Expo

* Sleep on one of its known hotelsExcalibur Hotel

* Go to Japan2016

* Go to KoreaKorea family trip

* Go to Boracay IslandBoracay 2016

* Visit any Disney Land theme park – Hong Kong

* Visit Disney Land SingaporeSingapore 2018 (Universal Studios)

* Visit a Universal Studio theme parkAnaheim, Singapore, & Japan

* Experience a negative degree temperatureBiwako Valley, Japan trip

* See a mountain FULLY covered with snow (like Mt. Fuji)Biwako Valley, Japan trip

* And climb it, ROFLBiwako Valley, Japan trip

* See ice formation like islandsFrom a plane view to NYC

* Experience zero gravitySuperman ride from Six-Flags

* See snowArizona, US and Japan

* Experience an actual snow fallJapan trip

* See Grand Canyon – Very nice, you won’t believe it at first (Interstate trip)

* See the Empire State buildingMy neck hurts on looking up from below

* Experience the Empire State building viewing deckGreat view, I feel like King Kong

* See the actual Statue of Liberty – from the NY business trip

* Walk in the streets of New York City – from the NY business trip

* Experience central park NY – from the NY business trip

* Go to NY Central square – from the NY business trip

* Experience Casino – from LA family trip & Las Vegas business trip

* See a wild snake – Little but creepy

* Receive an actual check from Google for this blogApril 22, 2019

* Monetize my YouTube account too lolFebruary 16, 2020

* Get 10k facebook fans for Michael’s Hut fan page

📌Check out and follow Michael’s Hut or known as Mr. Michael Oyco’s  social media accounts for more contents:

📌Thanks Michael for sharing this not just to me but to everyone that makes it as an inspiration. 


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Subway®Half and Half Footlong, 2 flavors in 1 footlong! #ChryzhFoodies

🥪 Here’s to 1 Foot Closer To Your Subway Philippines ® Favorites.

Have two (2) flavors in one foot long bite!

Introducing Subway® newest and limited-time offer of Half and Half Footlong!

Score this yummy yet healthy combination of Subway® variants:

🥪Subway® Melt and Chicken Teriyaki

🥪Subway® Tuna & Melt

🥪Subway® Roasted Chicken & Tuna!

🥪 Satisfy your palate with ala carte for only Php260 or order the regular meal with a 22-oz drink and two cookies at only Php345.


🥪 Here’s to 1 Foot Closer To Your Subway® Favorites. Have two (2) flavors in one footlong bite! Introducing Subway® newest and limited-time offer of Half and Half Footlong! #ChryzhFoodies #Chryzhpontaneous #Chryzhpotted #MakatiFoodies #welovetoeatph #Blogger #contentcreator #Influencer #foodphotography #food #foodblog #comfortfood #foodie #instafood #blog #FoodPics #summerfoodie #FoodReview #SubwayPH #TheFresherYou #BetterChoice#YourOneFootCloser @Subway

♬ Trip Lang – Shehyee

🥪 Got mine as a meal that comes with the ff:


-Double Chocolate Chip

-Chocolate Chip Cookies

🥤22 oz soft drink

📌Grab them while you can from April 13, 2022 to July 5, 2022.

Got mine at Robinsons Cybergate.

📌You can order at the ff:

Subway Philippines: dine-in, Messenger “BOTTY” and takeout transactions

Delivery : GrabFoodfoodpanda


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