Bioessence 25th Anniversary Celebration

📍Bioessence has been in the industry providing beauty and wellness for a long time and they’ve just recently celebrated their 25th silver anniversary.  The place was perfectly held at Cities Events Place to kick off that day with the  theme Jazz Night Glam 20s Flapper Look. attendees including business owners, family, friends, media and bloggers were the ones who joined the celebration.
📍Program started when the president Dra. Emma Beleno -Guerrero gave her welcome speech and story on how it all started. She started to influence people from Davao City,  she’s a well known dermatologist and skin care specialist. She have shared the mission and vision that made them one of the leaders in the Beauty and Wellness industry with more than 50 branches nationwide. With aim of expanding, more branches to open in the coming months.
📍 For skin treatments these are scientifically proven and have gone thorough research and analysis to customize procedures with the unique Filipino skin.
📍 For body pampering to consider relaxation they truly nourishes and provides wellness inside and out.
📍I’ve been supporting them and even had my 1st facial and massage together with my mom as part of our bonding.
📍 Special thanks who made this event possible and was hosted by Mplify’s through Mr. Miguel Dela Rosa wherein selected bloggers and media were there to witness the remarkable event.

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